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Are you closing a solvent company for one of your clients?

Do you have a client who is looking to close their solvent company and get the tax benefits available to them with a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation?

If you do, we can help.

Our fee for an MVL is from just £995 +VAT, +disbursements.

(For very complex ones, the fee is a bit higher.)

Other advantages of our MVL service…

  • We can liaise with you, rather than your client. This means you can charge your client a ‘closure fee’ for your involvement. (Or, if you would prefer, we can liaise directly with your client.)
  • Our Client Portal makes our MVL process even easier for you and your clients. {See below for how the MVL Portal works.}
  • We are Insolvency specialists. So, we won’t try to cross-sell any other services to your clients. We just want to help with the MVL.
  • Our service is nationwide. There is no need for face-to-face meetings – as the process is done via e-mail.
  • We aim to get the money to the company director(s) as quickly as possible – typically after 35 days.
  • We provide a friendly and professional service.

How the MVL Client Portal works…

A Client Portal will be set up to view, upload and store all the documentation relating to the case. It will also issue electronic updates on the progress of the case, including when the shareholders can expect their money.

Of course, we are always here to help with any queries that may arise in the course of the case. However, with the Portal, your clients can see the latest situation of a case at their convenience.

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