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11 January 2022 FAQs

A County Court Judgement, otherwise known as a CCJ, is an order made by the county court against a limited company for the repayment of a debt owed. A CCJ will usually be the last resort by creditors who are owed money, once all other means of repayment have failed. There can be a range…

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Many companies need to borrow money from lenders or banks in order to boost their growth and development. In the instance that this occurs, the lender or bank will take some security for the debt. This helps to protect them in the instance that the company becomes insolvent and cannot pay back the amount. Allowing…

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5 January 2022 Business Tips

When a business gives away assets, or sells them for less than they are worth in order to help the buyer, it might be eligible to claim holdover relief. This is a form of capital gains tax deferral. To help directors understand holdover relief and whether they are eligible for it, in this guide Clarke…

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29 December 2021 Business Insolvency

Any director considering closing a company will need to know what options are open to them. After all, there are several ways a company can be closed, from liquidation to dissolution. In this guide, Clarke Bell takes a closer look at the dissolution route, explaining how the process works and who is eligible to close…

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As of December 16, 2021, the Insolvency Service has the power to investigate directors that dissolve their businesses in order to evade their debts and liabilities. Otherwise known as phoenixing, this liability evasion tactic has been on the government’s radar for a while, with these new powers first being announced in 2018. What does the…

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