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January 20, 2015 0

According to the Centre for Cities ‘2015 Cities Outlook Report’, the gap between Britain’s ‘best and worst’ performing cities has increased significantly.

The annual survey looked into the economic health of the largest 64 towns and cities, and the most recent reports are said to demonstrate a ‘Two tier economy of dynamism and decline”

National growth is said to be predominantly driven by a certain cluster of cities in the South, which have grown at twice the rate between 2004 and 2013 in terms of job creation, new business and population growth.

Milton Keynes, Aberdeen, London and Warrington are amongst the ‘best’ performing in these areas, whilst Southampton, Hull and Worthing are amongst the worst.

The Centre for Cities has called for all political parties to support economic growth in the UK in light of the upcoming general election.

For more details on the survey findings, see “Gap between Britain’s “best and worst” performing cities widening


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