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affordable liquidation for insolvent companies
17 November 2017
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Many company directors find themselves in a situation where their limited company is facing insolvency and they need specialist advice. However, they cannot afford to pay the expensive fees which a lot of Insolvency Practitioners charge.

Clarke Bell offer affordable insolvency solutions and you can have free advice to discuss your best option.

Where a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is the best solution, we charge from just £2,995 (inclusive of VAT and the required disbursements).

Complex cases do cost more.

In cases where these is an Overdrawn Directors Loan Account (ODLA), the ODLA will have to be repaid. However, a re-payment plan will be calculated which is affordable for the director and reasonable for their creditors. The amount repaid could be less than the full amount of the ODLA, but creditors will still be receiving more than they would have if, for example, the director went into bankruptcy.

For the company directors, this affordable CVL service means that:

  • the limited company will close down (i.e. go into liquidation)
  • the business debts will be dealt with
  • their legal obligations as a director will be met; and
  • they can then have a new, fresh start.

Clarke Bell’s CVL service is ideal for small businesses which are insolvent and need an affordable way to deal with the situation.

See how we helped a pub

See how we helped a restaurant

It is important to note that a CVL is not necessarily the best option for every case.

We will always discuss each particular situation and recommend the best available solution. (That advice is free.)

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