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Can I buy stock and assets from a company that’s gone into liquidation?
8 July 2019
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JPS Chartered Surveyors

Can I buy stock and assets from a company that’s gone into liquidation?

We are often asked if, after we’ve put a company into liquidation, there is any stock or assets for sale.

Often there is; and they are available via our agents, JPS Chartered Surveyors.

JPS conduct sales by traditional auction, tender or private treaty where the circumstances dictate. They also embrace online marketplaces and sell items individually using online-auctions or fixed price sales on platforms such as eBay (www.Insolvency.store) , and Amazon (www.Insolvency.shop)

This approach ensures that they get the highest net realisations for their clients, whilst still providing goods to end users at reduced prices.

Current Sales

To see what is currently on sale, click here: www.jpssurveyors.co.uk/current-sales/

Live Auctions

For more information about their live auctions, click here: www.JPS.auction

Sale Notification

To receive email notifications of forthcoming sales you can subscribe for free at www.NotifyMe.auction

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