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Running a pub and making a profit is tough. When it gets too difficult and the business debts are getting out of hand, it is time to get professional advice to see what your best options are. This is what the pub owners did in this case… Background The pub was based in the South…

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The problem Our client was a small firm in a very niche sector of manufacturing. It ran into problems due to the recession, but its problems were made worse when its bank reduced its overdraft facility. This was to be followed by a further reduction three months later, with the facility being fully removed by…

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Our client had serious cashflow problems and was facing a winding up order from its main creditor. The director wanted to avoid liquidation and continue to trade because he believed that the business was viable. However, he needed our specialist insolvency advice on how to achieve this goal. Cashflow problems The company was involved in…

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15 November 2016

Thanks to our many years of experience and our network of business specialists, Clarke Bell can provide a wide range of solutions for businesses that are facing financial issues. In this case, an Accountant referred one of their clients to us because their client was facing a tricky financial situation. The company was experiencing cash…

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The difficulties A two-partner firm of Accountants was experiencing severe cashflow problems primarily arising from a temporary absence from work by one the partners due to ill-health. Before speaking to Clarke Bell, the partners had attempted to get support from their main creditor. This had proved unsuccessful however, and the company was being asked to…

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