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Business Asset Disposal Relief (known as Entrepreneurs’ Relief until 6 April 2020) is a form of tax relief that can save directors and shareholders who are selling or closing their solvent company a small fortune on their tax bill. The government introduced Business Asset Disposal Relief to encourage entrepreneurs to set up a business, build…

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Many company directors reach the decision to sell or close their business, whether it’s due to retirement or relocating abroad. Whatever the reason, there can be many tax advantages to closing or selling your business if it qualifies for Business Asset Disposal Relief which can save you a small fortune on your tax bill. If…

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A few months ago what was known as Entrepreneurs’ Relief was re-named Business Asset Disposal Relief. Many people are still uncertain about what this HMRC-approved tax relief for company shareholders is and whether they are eligible to claim it. What changed with ‘business asset disposal relief’? Entrepreneurs’ Relief was a tax relief available to shareholders…

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The term Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) has recently been changed to ‘Business Asset Disposal Relief’. What has changed? Business Asset Disposal Relief – still known by many as Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) – is an HMRC-approved tax relief for company shareholders. Since the 2020 Budget, it has undergone some changes, along with the new name. Previously, business…

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