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Whether you are looking for an Insolvency Practitioner to close your business or to turn it around and restore profitability, your choice of Insolvency Practitioner will determine how well you meet your desired outcomes. Therefore, choosing an Insolvency Practitioner is a big decision for any company. An Insolvency Practitioner is appointed to find the best…

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Whether you are seeking the services of an insolvency practitioner in order to close your company or are looking for help with turning an insolvent company around, choosing the best insolvency practitioner for the job is key. An insolvency practitioner will analyse your company’s affairs to determine the extent of the problem, in turn offering…

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10 November 2020

A company is deemed insolvent when it can’t afford to pay its debts, the monetary value of its assets are lower than the value of its liabilities or if a creditor services a formal payment demand for the amount of £750 or more that is unpaid for 3 weeks or longer. If a company meets…

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