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Company directors have contacted us because of problems they have experienced when they tried to dissolve their companies. The companies had ceased trading – in one case 3 years earlier. However, the Revenue had objected to the companies being dissolved because they were still owed money. In one case the amount owing to the Revenue…

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Considering liquidating a limited company? Use this guide to help. For more information, speak to a member of the Clarke Bell team on 0161 907 4044 or email [email protected].

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A lot of restaurant owners experience cashflow problems at some stage of their career. If you’re currently in this situation, we can help you. The sooner you deal with the problems the better it will be for you. What are the causes of the problems for restaurant owners? During the last recession the hospitality industry…

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3 October 2013

Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVLs) Our fee for simple MVLs is £995 (+VAT, +disbursements). This has raised a few questions from Accountants, including: Who might benefit from an MVL? Since 1st March 2012 changes to the ESC C16 mean that any distribution to shareholders upon closure of a company over £25,000 must be treated as income,…

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