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The issue The question of whether (shareholder) directors of their own companies can ‘furlough’ themselves is still subject to some ambiguity. In simple terms many director shareholders want to know where they stand in relation to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). Currently, two schemes have been launched by the government to help businesses and…

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What exactly will Sajid Javid do with Entrepreneurs’ Relief? The issue While many entrepreneurs are still in celebration mode after the resounding defeat of Jeremy Corbyn, there may still be a nasty surprise waiting for them in the not too distant future. There are strong rumours that the Government is set to scale back Entrepreneurs’…

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The loan charge review – Christmas come early? The eagerly anticipated findings of the Independent Loan charge review were released just before Christmas, providing what seemed on first inspection like an early Christmas present for some of those previously caught by the charge. The review itself had arisen after much lobbying (Forbes Dawson included) against…

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Don’t lose out on tax relief on loans to companies The issue Generally if you borrow funds to help out your company then you should be able to benefit from tax relief in respect of any interest that you pay in respect of the loan. However you need to meet various conditions in order to…

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What are the different types of Invoice Finance? There is often a feeling of reluctance from businesses when seeking Invoice Finance mainly because there are so many definitions and types available. This causes businesses to feel overwhelmed when looking at financing options. However, at some stage, every owner-managed business will face an irritating wait for…

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