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23 November 2018
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UK Freelance: Interesting Statistics

The UK freelance economy is booming with more and more workers leaving their full-time jobs to work for themselves.

Here are some interesting statistics about UK Freelance economy from the past couple of years.

    1. According to Recruitment International, 63% of UK employees says they are willing to consider freelancing.


    1. Signature Works states that the UK freelance economy is worth £119bn per annum.


    1. Money Supermarket recently posted an interesting article about the best places in the UK to be a freelancer.  In it they highlighted the most popular freelance careers.


    1. Did you know, UK freelancers get more exercise than full-time employees each week? According to Live Force.


    1. There has been a 66% rise in the number of 26 to 29 year old’s choosing a freelance career in the past decade.


  1. If the UK freelance economy continues to grow at its current rate, it is expected that 50% of the UK workforce could be self-employed by 2020!

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