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November 28, 2017 0

The internet has revolutionised many sectors over the last few years, and now it is the turn of the recruitment sector.

On-line recruitment sites are now easy and cheap to use. So, for many employers, they have now taken the place of the traditional recruitment agencies. Employers can easily post the specifications of the job role which they are seeking to fill, and sit back and wait for the application letters and CVs to come in. Candidates too are now very savvy about searching for jobs on the internet.

Traditionally, the main roles of the recruitment agencies have been to locate and screen candidates on behalf of the employer. With on-line job sites, the employer can easily do this themselves. This is particularly appealing to small-medium sized firms who are constantly trying to keep their costs down.

Larger employers are likely to still use agencies, but they too will be tempted to use on-line job sites – especially since they have their own Human Resources staff who can post the job vacancies and screen the applicants.

Employers looking for highly specialised roles are likely to use agencies for the ‘head-hunting’ type of service, as these positions are normally the hardest to fill. However, there are relatively few of these jobs.

The future?

Employers will increasingly test out the ‘Do It Yourself’ on-line method of recruiting new staff and, once they see how successful it can be, they are unlikely to go back to using traditional recruitment consultants.

As with many sectors, only those who provide a top notch service which adds value will survive. Those that don’t will go to the wall.

For those companies who are struggling, they should seek professional advice before their situation gets any worse.

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