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7 May 2015
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Since 1 May 2015 the statutory Bond Rates payable on MVLs have been reduced.

This is good news for anyone looking to close down their solvent company.

Examples of the savings are…


(Click her for the full list of the new Bond Rates.)

The other necessary disbursement is for the Statutory Adverts. These cost 4 x £70.00 +VAT = £336.

(For a company registered in Scotland, an additional advert needs to be placed in the Scottish Daily Mail at a cost of £115 +VAT.)

All these disbursements are payable ‘at cost’ and we regularly review them to make sure our clients get the best value for money.

The total cost for an MVL is £995 +VAT +disbursements.

(Complicated ones are a bit more.)

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