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January 23, 2015 0

With the general election only a few months away, SME’s are starting to contemplate what party manifestos (which won’t be published until April) could contain and the effect they could have on business.

The National Policy Chairman at the Federation of Small Businesses says that all parties have been listening to evidence from his organisation, believing there is a resounding agreement that SMEs need more support going forward.

A huge factor SME’s are considering is the economy. The Conservatives are planning to cut public spending by £50bn more than Labour, the Liberal Democrats somewhere in between, and it’s up to the SME’s themselves to deliberate who is planning the best approach.

Manifestos are also likely to include business support plans, and approaches towards regulations. For example the current coalitions ‘one-in-one-out’ rule (a new regulation comes in, another must be put forward for removal) looks to have Labour’s backing.

Other areas SME’s are anticipating in light of parties’ manifestos are access to credit and finance, and late payment proposals.

Read more about what SME’s can expect from the party manifestos.


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