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2 December 2013

We have a wide network of professional experts who can help you in a range of different areas, including:

Raising funds for business re-starts

A lot of SMEs are still finding it tough to raise funds from the banks. It is even harder for those business owners who are looking to start up again after an Insolvency situation. Our contacts are eager to speak to anyone who is in this situation.

MVL Tax advice

We have a contact who is a Tax Expert Solicitor. We refer Accountants to him for advice on complex tax issues relating to MVLs.

Getting the best gas and electricity rates for a business

Given the increasing costs and the large number of different energy suppliers (there are about 43 of them), an Energy Broker can help a business owner make considerable savings – at no cost to that business.

(The broker gets paid from whichever energy supplier is the right one for the client. In most cases they get better prices than customers going directly to the same supplier.)

Using pension funds to help in liquidation situations

Directors of companies that are in, or facing, liquidation can make use of their pensions in a range of different ways. Our contact is a leading Pension Consultant who can help you through this process.

Getting reductions in commercial rent

Many businesses need help as they face lengthy lease terms, upwardonly rent reviews and ever-increasing overheads. A Property Professional can act on behalf of business tenants to achieve reductions in their rent (as often tenants are afraid to approach their landlord). They charge no upfront costs and operate on a no-win no-fee basis.

Arranging mortgages for clients with poor credit rating

It can be hard enough to get a mortgage, without the added problem of having a poor credit rating. The specialist Mortgage Broker who we deal with can get find mortgage providers in such situations.

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