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4 May 2011
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Many businesses associated with the construction & property sectors, along with retailers and restaurants, are struggling to see when things are likely to get busy again.

The public sector cut-backs aren’t going to help.

That said, there are plenty of businesses who are busy. For some, future orders are also looking good; although for many, these orders have yet to be confirmed.

Whatever your situation, now could be the pivotal point for the future of your business.

As Business Recovery experts, we can help you decide what to do now. For example:

  • Expand ~ we can introduce you to funders who are eager to lend to businesses.
  • Restructure ~ to ensure you are in the best possible shape.
  • Focus on your cashflow ~ to make sure you are in control.
  • Hold back from putting more funds into the business. There may be better places to put that money.
  • Voluntary liquidation ~ if you think now is the time to stop.

We help limited companies, sole-traders and individuals to deal with their financial issues. We can work with you, and your business advisor(s), to find the right solution for you.

You can have a free consultation to discuss your situation with us.

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