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February 9, 2011 0

Human nature being as it is, someone with financial difficulties will often need a nudge (or a hefty shove) from their Business Advisor before they are prepared to face up to the severity of their problems and seek Insolvency advice.

With Tax Returns now (hopefully) all completed, the true financial health of companies and individuals can be gauged.

Worrying signs will typically include:

  • delaying paying any fees
  • ignoring calls from suppliers
  • falling revenue / income
  • fewer definite (as opposed to hopeful) orders

By speaking to us as soon as difficulties occur, a client will give themselves more options and more time to prepare a cogent and realistic plan to deal with their situation.

When working with a client, we would seek to engage the services of their business advisor to help gather the necessary information to formulate a solution. Once the assignment is completed the client will be able to continue on a much firmer financial footing than before.

I think it is also worth reiterating here that we do not do General Practice work.

We stick to what we do best – Insolvency solutions.


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