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Creditor Pressure

Creditor pressure is enough to make any business owner feel as though the walls are closing in. Understandably, no one ever wants to submit to the worst case scenario, but that will not stop creditors from taking what’s theirs irrespective of your circumstances. If your company is failing to make payments to a variety of creditors then it is time to seek help before the pressure intensifies.

Any one of your creditors is within their right to employ a debt collector in order to recollect funds and/or assets to cover missed payments. Creditors can also pursue legal action, which can lead to more serious consequences, such as insolvency.

Ease the Pressure

Pressure from creditors can be extremely hard to deal with, especially when dealing with difficult and aggressive creditors such as HMRC. With plenty of legal authority, they will go to great and persistent lengths to recover lost payments from your company. At the end of the day, your creditors simply want what is owed to them – which means there is always room for negotiation.

The team here at Clarke Bell can help ease the pressure caused by your creditors and take care of these negotiations on your behalf. We can help organise a tailored payment plan on your behalf to ensure your creditors are paid over a manageable length of time for your business. For more information and legal advice, contact one of our advisors today and start easing the pressure from your business.

Communication is Key

In times of high creditor pressure it is important that you maintain frequent communication with them all as you try to work out a payment plan. This can be extremely difficult as you must also dedicate your time to important business matters and perhaps firefighting issues elsewhere.

So let us ease the pressure and the workload for you by taking care of all communication channels between your creditors and your business. Contact us for more information and legal advice.

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