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Poor Trading Conditions

Many businesses are suffering because of the current poor trading conditions which are damaging their profitability. As a business owner, this is likely to cause you some concern.

There may be a range of reasons why sales are down. It may be the simple fact that consumers are not spending money like they used to – as many people are tightening their belts.

These poor trading conditions might be teamed with the fact that your invoices are not being paid, you have large bills or you have increased overheads to meet.

Whatever the reasons for decreased profitability, it may mean that your business finances are in a mess, with mounting debts spiralling out of control.

Business Turn Around With Clarke Bell

Rather than suffer in silence, it is best for a business owner to act quickly.

Clarke Bell can analyse a company’s situation and provide effective business rescue services. We can resolve debt problems and cash flow issues. Formal arrangements can be made to stop your creditors calling you demanding their money, and to put you back in control of your business.

Clarke Bell have a wealth of experience and expertise, so you can trust our team to give you honest advice and the most realistic, workable solution for you – no matter what situation your business is in.

We can advise the best course of action and company recovery services for your specific situation. We treat each case with the utmost confidentiality.

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