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There are many different ways a lender can help you with funds for your business, including:


secured or unsecured. Directors generally would prefer an unsecured loan, although they are much harder to find, although not impossible.

Invoice Finance

which lets you free up the cashflow which is tied up in your unpaid invoices

Asset Finance

which lets you spread the cost of buying your assets over an agreed period of time

Asset Re-finance

which lets you borrow money against your assets, e.g. your property and plant & machinery

Stock finance

borrowing against your existing stock

Commercial mortgages

so that you can buy your business premises

PDQ loans from card processing machines

these secure the loan using your company’s business card terminal and taking the loan repayments as a percentage of each transaction processed through it.

Get expert advice

This is a complicated area with a wide range of different options and lenders. So, you should make sure that you speak to you an expert who understands the range of options and can help you pick the right one for you and your business.

When you are thinking of getting additional funding for your company, we can help you with this step-by-step process >>

We will discuss your situation with you – and your Accountant, if appropriate (which it normally is)
Answer the crucial question: Will you be putting good money after bad?

Determine which type of lending option would suit you best
Introduce you to an experienced and independent finance brokerage who will find the best finance package and lender to suit you

For more information

Clarke Bell are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners with a network of experts to help directors when they need additional funds for their company.

We can help you decide if putting more money into your business really is your best option and how to raise additional finances for an existing company or a business re-start.

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