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How do I liquidate my business?

Many clients come to us asking “How do I liquidate my business?” and at Clarke Bell we have been working since 1994 to help many hundreds of different businesses across the UK with business liquidation advice and a smooth business liquidation process.

Voluntary liquidation is nothing scary – it is in fact just a stepping stone in your career and business, and is the ideal way to break the cycle of worry and stress which your company might be causing you due to its debts.

You may have spiralling debts that are crippling your finances, and you may even have unpaid invoices that give you even more cause for concern. Some people call it “winding up a company” but this essentially means liquidating it.

Step 1

Contact Clarke Bell. If you are considering liquidation, contact us quickly. The sooner you act, the sooner we can get the wheels in motion (Contacting a licensed insolvency practitioner is a legally required component of closing your business).

Step 2

Give Clarke Bell your company information. The team can then start getting to work.

Step 3

Clarke Bell will write to all of your creditors. This is an important step as it can stop creditors from constantly hassling you.

Step 4

Meeting of Creditors. Business liquidation works when one of the experts at Clarke Bell, who is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, acts as the Liquidator. The creditors need to approve Liquidation and then your business is finally in the stage liquidation.

Step 5

You company assets are then sold. At this stage, if your company has any assets they will be sold – to you if you want.

Business liquidation with Clarke Bell

If you are considering company liquidation, contact Clarke Bell today for an honest discussion about your business and some hands-on solutions which can help to resolve your financial problems.

Clarke Bell has helped many companies with company liquidation, so you are not alone. Whatever your financial situation might be, even if it is particularly complex, Clarke Bell can offer you support and valuable advice which allows you to rescue your business and move on.

Thank you for all your help with the liquidation matters. You were a joy to deal with.

Thanks to the help I received from Clarke Bell, I am able to pay off my debts in a reasonable and realistic manner.

Our MVL was handled in a timely manner and I was kept informed of progress throughout.

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