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Over the last few years the recruitment sector has seen significant changes, and now many agencies are suffering due to a number of different factors.

Unpredictability has always been a problem for recruitment companies. Now the uncertainty of Brexit, followed by multiple business closures in the retail and restaurant sectors is causing many recruitment companies to develop cash flow problems.

Other factors that are affecting the recruitment sector include:

Unpaid invoices

Some clients are using deliberate slow payment tactics and, as a result, many recruitment companies invoices are going unpaid. A lot of agencies simply don’t have the internal resources to properly chase late payments.

Online competition

Online recruitment providers are on the rise and they often have much lower costs in terms of staffing and buildings expenses. As a result, traditional recruitment agencies simply cannot compete with the tough competition, leading to cash flow problems when they try.

Insolvency practitioners for the recruitment sector

If your recruitment company is on the verge of insolvency, it’s vital that you take action to address the problems as soon as possible.

Clarke Bell’s Insolvency Practitioners have years of experience helping companies who are in financial difficulty. We offer free advice to company directors seeking help.

In many cases, a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is the best ideal option. With a CVL you’ll retain control of the process, deal with the business debts of the company and fulfil your legal obligations to your creditors.

Closing down your company with a CVL

At Clarke Bell, we have helped thousands of companies go into liquidation. The cost for a CVL is from just £1,995 +VAT.

A CVL can provide you and your company with many benefits, including:

  • The freedom to move on to other business options and make a fresh start.
  • A simple, affordable solution to close down your company (i.e. putting it into liquidation).
  • Effectively deal with your business debts and fulfil your legal obligations.
  • Ensure everything is dealt with in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Putting control back into your own hands.
  • Immediately put an end to creditor pressure.

A CVL isn’t necessarily always the best option. If ith isn’t the right option for your situation, we will advise you on the alternative.

We’re here to help

Whatever your situation, we’ll find the best possible solution for you – while ensure you fulfil all your legal obligations as a company director.

So, if your company is facing cash flow problems and mounting business debts, contact Clarke Bell today on 0161 907 4044 or [email protected]

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