Tax benefits available to you

There are different ways to close down a solvent company.

Depending upon the total value of the assets in your company, using a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (aka a solvent liquidation) could be the most tax-efficient way and save you thousands of pounds. By using an MVL, the funds to be distributed are subject to Capital Gains Tax rather than Income Tax.

If you qualify for Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) you can benefit from a 10% marginal rate on distributions. This means there can be considerable tax savings for the shareholders of the company.

We aim to distribute the assets of the company after 35 days from the date of Liquidation.

Our standard fee for an MVL is £995 +VAT, +disbs (see below for the disbursements).


Low cost

£995 +vat +disbursements (at cost)

Tax advantages

For company directors

Quick payment

Usually received after 35 days

Credit rating

Not affected


Practitioner must be used

Not tax avoidance

Is a legitimate and tax-effective way to wind up a solvent company


No need for face to face meetings


Professional service

Entrepreneurs' relief

Available to individuals disposing of shares in a trading company where they were an officer (or employee) holding at least 5% of the voting rights. Allows relief on lifetime gains up to £10 million.

Effectively reduces the tax rate on any capital gain to 10%.

For more information on Entrepreneurs’ Relief speak to your Accountant or look at the website.

The MVL process

A typical scenario would be where a director or contractor decides to: retire; or return to full-time employment
and wants to close down their company; and take their money out in the most cost-effective way.

In determining whether an MVL would be right for a particular situation, we would leave the tax calculations to the Accountant (including those relating to Entrepreneurs’ Relief). Where it is deemed that an MVL is the best solution, an Insolvency Practitioner must be used.

Once appointed, it is our aim to make the necessary payments to the shareholders as quickly as possible – usually after 35 days. There is no need for face-to-face meetings – as the process can be done via e-mail and using our Client Portal.

The Relevant Disbursements

There are some legal disbursements that have to be paid in a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.
Clarke Bell charge all of these at cost, and we regularly review them to ensure we are getting the best prices available.

Statutory Adverts

These are to provide any possible creditors the chance to come forward to lodge their claim.

For companies registered in England & Wales

Throughout the course of the MVL we have to take out 3 Statutory Adverts in the London Gazette.

The cost of these is (3 x £72.00 = £216 +VAT): £259.20


For companies registered in Scotland

Throughout the course of the MVL we have to take out 4 Statutory Adverts in the Edinburgh Gazette and an additional advert in the Scottish Daily Mail.

The cost of these is (4 x £72.00 = £288 +VAT and 1 x £69+VAT): £428.40


For companies registered in Northern Ireland

Throughout the course of the MVL we have to take out 4 Statutory Adverts in the Belfast Gazette.

The cost of these is (4 x £72.00 = £288 +VAT): £345.60


Statutory Bond

A compulsory bond needs to be taken out. This provides the directors with security whilst funds are under the control of Clarke Bell. The bond fee is dependent on the assets of the company.

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