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What Is Pre-Pack Administration?

Many UK companies are struggling with the current climate, facing overwhelming debt and cash flow issues that can have serious implications on the business.

This is why many SMEs have turned to the Pre-Pack Administration procedure, which involves the sale of some of the assets of a business. For this you need an Insolvency Practitioner. The “buyer” of the assets can be anyone including current managers, or even competing companies in the industry.

The pre-pack procedure involves the company being put into administration. It is ideal when a company is facing the threat of insolvency and they want to rescue the business. Usually the bank and the directors of the business will have agreed a sale price before the administration is conducted.

A pre-pack administration allows businesses to free themselves from a desperate situation that can also protect staff. Business debt can be written off, and the business can then apply to trade under a different name.

Is Pre-Pack Administration Right For Me?

Clarke Bell can help you with every aspect of the pre-pack administration process. We’re a firm of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners based in Manchester and specialising in business recovery services.

We will look at your specific circumstances and decide whether this solution is right for you – drawing on our many years’ experience of helping many hundreds of businesses in the UK.

You will receive honest and professional advice from our team, to allow you to see the most appropriate and workable solution for you.

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Thank you for all your help with the liquidation matters. You were a joy to deal with.

They kept me properly informed throughout the whole process with full explanations to my many questions….their patience and empathy meant so much to me. My heartfelt thanks to them all!

Thanks to the help I received from Clarke Bell, I am able to pay off my debts in a reasonable and realistic manner.

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